Control Vector Signal Generator

This tutorial teaches how to use the Vector Signal Generator in order to control it through a web interface or using SCPI commands. 

If you need to use the VSG, for the end user, the only way to gain this access is through ssh tunneling since the console ports 8010,5010 and 5011.

Windows Connection

  1. You need an approved reservation to control VSG.
  2. Open Putty and fill all the required fields in order to connect to device. (See Getting Started)


  3.  Additional to the login configurations add ssh tunnels in Connections->SSH->Tunnels,  then add the following local ports and destinations:
    Source Port: 8010 , Destination:
    Source Port: 5024 , Destination:
    Source Port: 5025 , Destination:


  4. Connect


Linux/Mac Connection

  1. You need an approved reservation to control VSG.
  2. Connect to device using the following command

    ssh -p 20139 -L 8010: -L 5010: -L 5011:

Once connection is succesfull, open your internet broswer and acces to the url http://localhost:8010 in order to start controling it


Then, click on Signal Generator Web Control, a new window will be opened asking for password, just click on submmit button and it will be opened a pop-up (Remember to enable your pop-ups in browser configuration).


If you want to control the VSG using SCPI commands, you can access usging ports 5010 or 5011, and the IP

The next image shows and example using Hercules Software.


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