Quick start

In the following manual, you will find the steps for making remote tests required by laboratory WIRID-LAB, you should not skip any steps, because if it does, it could present failures during lab or even you can not do it.

  1. Reserve equipment needed to perform the tests.
  1. Enter the website WIRID-LAB through the following address: http://wirid-lab.umng.edu.co/
  2. Enter the link “Login”
  3. Go to “reserve devices”, where you will see a table like in the image below


In this section you will find the equipment available for booking. The state of the reserve contains four different states, not available, Reserved, Confirmation pending and Free, identified with the colors gray, red, yellow and green respectively. Make selection according to availability and equipment required and fill out the form with the description of the tests to be performed, finally click book.
Following the supplied email account you will receive an email report on the application of the reservation. After accepting the booking, the system will send an email confirming the request.


2. Generate passwords to devices:


  1. Download software PuTTy.exe y PuTTYgen.exe  http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html 
  2. Open PuTTYgen.exe
  3. On the bottom Parameters select Type of key to generate option SSH-2 RSA and in Number of bits in a generated key leave the default value 2048, then click on “Generate” and randomly move the cursor in the blank area to generate the key.


  4. Once generated the key, press the button Save public key to save the public key, keep this key with the name id_rsa.pub, then save the private key by pressing the button Save private key  to save the private key with the name id_rsa.ppk (you have to keep these files with the names mentioned, otherwise the website will not load).


      Linux / Mac

  1. open terminal
  2. Run the following command: ssh-keygen -C guestuser

    followed, several options appear, press “Enter” on all of them. The command is responsible to automatically generate the public key and private respectively.

    The path where the keys are stored by default are:
    Linux:  “/home/USER/.ssh/”
    Mac:  “/Users/USER/.ssh”
    where USER is the user name of the machine.

3. Load system keys:

  1. Access user profile WIRID Lab http://wirid-lab.umng.edu.co/wp-admin/profile.php
  2. Go to the bottom of the profile and you will find the form for load the public key.
  3. In Public Key click on “Browse”, upload the public key id_rsa.pub . and finally press the button update.
    Once the public key stored in the system, you can access the computers at the time for which the reservation was made.

4. Access to WIRID-LAB:

Rrequirements before entering control equipment WIRID-LAB:

To effectively control the different equipment that are in WIRID-LAB is necessary to have the following programs as depending on the operating system where access:

      Cliente X11

You need to download an X11 client for Windows use Xming and for Mac use Xquartz

       Cliente SSH

For Windows you need to use “Putty”, in Linx and Mac by default can access a terminal server using SSH.


  1. Run Xming to confirm that you are running the program, observe the taskbar logo (black Xs with an orange circle in the center):
  2. Open PuTTY and set the following settings ::
    1.  Digitar in Host Name guestuser@wirid-lab.umng.edu.co and in Port 201xx inter the port depending on the requested equipment, to know the ports of all teams address “reserva de equipo“, for this example we use the port 20133 as shown in the following figure.

    2. Go to Connections -> SSH -> x11, enable X11 by clicking Enable X11 forwarding. In the box X display location assign the route: localhost:0 as shown below.clave9
    3. Go to Connections -> SSH -> auth and load the private key  “id_rsa.ppk” PuTTYgen generated. Click on Open.

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      After these steps a window like the following is displayed.



  1. Open Terminal and run the following command ssh -Y -p 201xx guestuser@wirid-lab.umng.edu.co where “xxx” It corresponds to the number of computer port to know the ports of all equipment go “reserva de equipo“, for this example we use the port “20133” as shown below.



  1. Run Xquartz, right click -> Applications-> Terminal
  2. Run the following command line “ssh -Y -p 201xx guestuser@wirid-lab.umng.edu.co” o know the ports of all equipment go” reserva de equipo” , for this example we use the port “20133” as shown below.


NOTE: In case you have booked more than one computer, you must open a terminal session or PuTTy for each device to use, following the same steps outlined in this tutorial only changing the port to the respective equipment to use.